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Centris is short for Central Information System.

Centris helps take you paperless by providing a centralized digital platform for storing, organizing, and managing documents electronically.

Why you need it?

Centris is a must-have to manage information in your organization.

Efficient management of documents

Centris enables an organization to organize, store, and retrieve documents efficiently. This reduces the time and effort required to manage documents manually. 

Improved collaboration

With Centris, employees to collaborate on documents in real-time, irrespective of their location. This enhances productivity and facilitates teamwork.

Enhanced security

Centris equips the organization with access controls, encryption, and audit trails to secure documents. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information.

Compliance with regulations

Centris will assist organizations to comply with regulatory requirements by ensuring that documents are stored and managed in a manner that meets legal and regulatory standards.

Cost savings

Centris will dramatically reduce the need for physical storage space, reduces paper usage, and eliminates the need for manual document handling. This leads to cost savings in the long term.


Valuable metadata contained in Centris helps derive insights, patterns, and trends. By analysing this information, Organization can make informed decisions for improved efficiency and growth. 

Features & Benefits

 Centris has evolved as a versatile and scalable solution based on valuable user feedback received for over 10 years.

Features InFocus

Key Facets

What are workflows?

Document workflows refer to the process of managing the creation, review, approval, and distribution of documents within an organization. Document workflows are typically automated using document management software or other workflow automation tools. Document Lifecycle with Automated Workflows.


The document workflow process typically begins with the addition of a new document. This can be about creating a totally new document using a variety of third-party tools, including word processing software, spreadsheets etc OR working with existing documents received from external sources (for example PDFs such Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Contract etc.) A key part to keep in mind while adding a document, is the capturing of Metadata of the data – this is essential for retrieval, decision-making and analytics.

Once a document is added in the system, it must be reviewed and approved by relevant stakeholders. This can be done using automated workflows that route the document to the appropriate individuals for review and approval.

Once a document has been approved, it can be distributed to the appropriate parties using automated workflows. Traditional ways are emailing the document, uploading it to a shared drive, or publishing it to a company intranet. However it’s better to keep all documents within an organization ecosystem, and let participants collaborate with a confined space in view of security and control.

Automated workflows can track the status of documents as they move through the review and approval process, ensuring that all stakeholders are informed and that the process is completed in a timely manner.

Once a document has been distributed, it can be archived for future reference. Automated workflows can ensure that documents are stored in a secure, organized manner and can be easily retrieved when needed.

Key Facets of Workflows in Centris

Embrace the Power of
Centris eSign

Redefine document management through the power of seamless e-signatures. Take charge of your workflows, enhance security, and gain unparalleled control over your documents with our innovative e-signing solution.


Elevate Your Organisation with Centris eSign
Embrace Convenience, Save Time!

Imagine closing deals without the delays of waiting for physical signatures, collaborating effortlessly across distances, and finalising contracts with a few clicks. Centris eSign transforms cumbersome processes into a swift and efficient experience.

Powered by eMudhra, Centris eSign offer a seamless solution that not only saves time but also eliminates the unnecessary steps associated with traditional paperwork.

Time-Saving Marvel
With e-signatures, cut through the red tape and get deals closed at the speed of business. No more waiting for documents to be printed, signed, and couriered. Instantly sign and send with a few clicks, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

Anytime, Anywhere
Break free from the constraints of physical signatures. Centris eSign allows you to sign documents from the comfort of your desk, home, or even on-the-go. Collaboration knows no boundaries, and important decisions aren’t put on hold.

Goodbye Printing Costs
Save on paper, ink, and maintenance costs. E-signatures are environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective approach.


Security First
 Rest easy knowing that e-signatures are secure and legally binding. Modern encryption ensures the integrity of your documents.

By adopting Centris eSign, you’re not just saving time; you’re unlocking a new level of productivity.

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Elevate Your Bottom Line
Embrace Cost Efficiency with Centris eSign!

In the dynamic world of business, every penny counts. Discover the transformative power of Centris eSign —a cost-efficient solution that’s reshaping traditional workflows.

Green Savings
Go paperless and watch your costs shrink. Centris eSign eliminates the need for paper, ink, and physical storage, contributing to a greener planet while keeping your budget in check.

Printing & Courier No More
Bid farewell to printing costs and courier fees. Centris eSign eradicates the need for physical document circulation, saving not only money but also valuable time. Time is money, after all!

Increased Productivity, Reduced Costs
Streamline your processes and cut unnecessary expenditures. Centris eSign speeds up transactions, reduce administrative overhead, and contribute to an agile, efficient operation—all of which impact your bottom line positively.

Secure and Compliant
Security need not come with a hefty price tag. E-signatures offer a secure and compliant solution, ensuring your transactions meet legal standards without the added expense of traditional verification methods.

Embrace the cost-saving revolution—make the smart choice for your business with e-signatures. Boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and watch your bottom line flourish!

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Take Control with Centris eSign
A Secure Path to Document Management

In the age of digital transformation, control over document workflows is paramount, and e-signing provides the key. Here’s why:

Granular Access Permissions
With Centris eSign, control who can access, view, and sign documents. Set permissions and ensure that only authorized individuals have the right level of access.

Audit Trails for Accountability
Maintain a clear and traceable record of document transactions. Centris eSign offerd detailed audit trails, providing transparency and accountability.
Authentication Measures
Ensure the identity of signatories with robust authentication measures. Centris eSign go beyond traditional methods, offering multi-factor authentication for added security.
Configurable Workflows
Tailor document workflows to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s single or joint approvals, Centris eSign provide control over how documents move through the signing process.
Real-time Monitoring
Keep a pulse on document status in real-time. Centris eSign provides dashboards and notifications, allowing you to monitor progress.
Empower your organisation with control and security—make the shift to Centris eSign for a streamlined, accountable, and controlled document management experience.

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Impact of Centris

Before using a Centris, an organization may have experienced a range of challenges and inefficiencies associated with managing paper-based or manual document management processes. For example:


After implementing a Centris, the organization can experience a range of benefits and improvements, including:


Enable Smart Document Management

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