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A Case Study on Digitizing Operations for a Manufacturing and Exporting Company

The Challenge: A 25 year old manufacturer had witnessed a spike in Customer Orders and found it challenging to manage a busy order book. It looked at improving its PPIC (Production Planning & Inventory Control) and Logistics to provide better lead times to its customers.  The teams were struggling to cope with the scale-up, and were also not able to respond in-time to the Customers. Approvals were based on signing on print-outs which moved from desk to desk and frequently caused delays. This was a critical issue especially when an order was bound by LC (Letter of Credit) which mandated strict timeliness for finished goods delivery. Unfulfilling of which would lead to stiff penalties. They needed a solution that would make the cross-functional teams work collaboratively and also accountable for speedy decision making. They approached ViDoc to digitize these functions.  


Specifically our challenges included: 

Centris implemented the following process: 

The Results:

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