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Emrix Digitization SoftwareDigitize Medical Records

Online Patients , Hospitals and Doctors Documents

Our flagship software forms a backbone for doctors, Hospital admin, MRD, Patient and TPA to access Patients Data in a couple of Clicks.

It's Really user friendly, can access records at the click of button

Online Patients , Hospitals and Doctors Documents

Features & Benefits

  • Customized for Hospitals and Clinics - One Stop Solution to manage all medical records centrally across facilities / departments
  • Categorization of files customizable as required
  • Option of cloud hosting or local hosting
  • 128 bit encrypted SSL site + Best-in-class protocols at Tier IV data center
  • Secure user access based on roles, modules and privileges
  • Fast Setup and Go Live
  • Enable with ICD-10 Diagnosis and Procedure code sets
  • Integrated with our mobile app " medPASS " to share records with patients

eFlow | Integra Hospital Information System | Integra Hospital Information System - HIS

Patient Doing MRI , CT SCAN , Check Up

Holistic coverage of Hospital admin and clinical processes for seamless control in Patients care and hospital workflows.

Very well thought workflows. Instantly makes you realize that it is driven by experience.

Screenshot of eFlow Integra Application

Core Modules

  • Administration
  • OPD
  • Dr Desk
  • Casualty
  • Inpatient
  • Nursing Station
  • LIS
  • RIS
  • Cardiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • OT
  • Cath Lab
  • Diet
  • Billing
  • Cashier
  • Blood Bank
  • Purchase
  • Material Management System
  • Discharge Summary
  • MRD
  • PACS
  • Mobile App
  • MIS Mobile App
  • Front Desk
  • MIS
  • General Maintenance System
  • Ophthalmology
  • Personnel
  • Payroll
  • Attendance Management System
  • Dr Accounting
  • Security

Available in 2 Versions - Lite and Enterprise

eFlow Dr. App Mobile Application | Dr. App m-Health

background of Healthcare mobile Application

A Host of on-the-go mobile apps for Doctors and Admin, giving real-time insight into day-to-day affairs. Provides real-time views, such as that of Live Admission and DICOM images .

Getting the most relevent data directly on my smartphone, helps me focus on the right areas.

Dr.App mobile Application Screenshot

Features & Benefits

  • Find exact patient location to visit the Doctor
  • View patient radiology images like X-Ray,CT,MRI,USG,PET CT
  • MIS reports for Hospital Management
  • LIVE bed occupancy and procedure details
  • Revenue details along with average and projected data for week, month and year
  • Investigation revenue details for the week, month and year
  • Purchase details with week, month and year
  • LIVE patient location along with bill details
  • Online patient feedback
  • Online medicine & consumable returns from bedside

eFlow Intensive Care Unit Module | iCUS Intensive Care Unit Module

ICU bed image

An end-to-end integrated ICU management software, which substantially improves time management and thereby patient care in the ICU, using experience driven digital workflows.

This is what you call truly and completely digital

Screenshot for icu charts - eFlow

Features & Benefits

  • Replaces manual intense tasks with integrations with machines, saving time.
  • Gives time to focus on higher-functioning roles to make use of their clinical expertise.
  • Automation reduces the human error – enabling higher consistency in care
  • Dramatically reduces use of paper – Digital ICU
  • Nurses and patients get connected more efficiently.
  • Enables higher compliance of SOP, to stay on track with better clinical outcomes.
  • Helps detect when a patient has deviated from the recommended care plan so the care team can intervene.
  • Improves efficiency of nurses, allowing them to handle more patients.
  • Delivers wealth of data in a continuous feedback loop that can be used for performance improvement and optimization.

eFlow - StorePharma | StorePharm Material, Stores and Pharmacy Module

women doctor in Pharmacy store background

Tracks purchase, consumption and sales of all items in the organization. Indenting and invoicing workflow is completely online, tracked with barcodes

Water-tight application. Allows us to keep track of everything

screenshot of store pharma software

Features & Benefits

  • Easily track the location of materials inventory
  • Create purchase orders (PO) and calculate the average lead time required to restock
  • Send RFQ directly to multiple vendors
  • Allow users with sufficient authorization levels to approve requisitions and PO
  • Record delivery of materials that were ordered through a PO
  • Transfer materials with a complete audit trail
  • Create an unlimited number of warehouse locations
  • Create sales orders to charge (sell) materials to internal departments
  • Use interdepartmental sales and track back orders on these sales
  • Automatically charge parts to Work Orders upon their arrival
  • GST enabled
  • Generates bar-code for accurate tracking of material
  • Multiple reports to track usage of materials
  • FSN and Non Moving materials reports
  • Expiry material evolution and returns to suppliers
  • ABC analysis reports
  • Profitability reports

eFlow - Picture Archiving and Communication System | PACSys (Picture Archiving and Communication System)

Doctor checking patient background

A Central System, that collates information from various data points, to manage and view studies with quick TAT. Seamlessly integrates with HIS and EMR applications.

Can see studies in real-time at one central location. Works very well.

screenshot of X-Ray background

Features & Benefits

  • Facilitates quick, easy and secure access to patient images and reports.
  • Scans can be performed anywhere and results can be shared electronically with other remote facilities.
  •  Staff can remotely view images, submit reports, archive images and transport them if necessary via portable media.
  • Enables physicians with a chronological view of patients’ radiology histories, facilitating comparison with previous studies.
  • Completely digital – no need to print films.

medPASS Mobile Application(Patient Engagement)

hand using mobile application

A Mobile App for Patients, which will enable hospital and clinics to directly offer Services to Patients on their smartphone.

This has opened a completely new channel of communication between the patients and us

screenshot of medPASS application

Features & Benefits

  • Very simple and user-friendly application for patients
  • Connects the hospitals and clinics with patient’s smartphone
  • Ready-to-go solution, gives mobile presence in 1 day
  • Can offer configure and offer multiple services
  • Opens a new avenue to engage patients
  • Enabled with host of features such as Push notifications, service history, payment gateway, camera integration etc
  • Hospital can securely share digitized medical records with patients
  • Patients appreciate the ease of requesting the service
  • Integrated with PayTM and PayU
  • Available on Play Store App Store
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Iryx an Analytics Software Analytics Software

person showing Analytic data on laptop

Holistic coverage of Hospital admin and clinical processes for seamless control in Patients care and hospital workflows.

It provides information, that helps us make key decisions

screenshot of iryx software

Features & Benefits

  • Clinical Progress Analytics (CPA)
  • Hospitals are often faced by the thought – “How many patients left the hospital with an improved health count”? “How can we make them “reference / repeat customers”?
  • CPA helps you to answer similar questions. Focused on reviewing patient’s treatment / health on an objective basis.
  • Collating this information for a set of patients gives insightful Population Analysis – for example – the variance in the Creatinine counts (from DOA to DOD) of all patients in AKD, for a particular nephrologist, or for the related ICD code.
  • CPA is conceptually based on UHID (Unique Health ID) which remains constant across the Patient’s lifetime in a hospital. Based on this approach, the Patient’s history can be broken into corresponding visits (Inpatient or Outpatient) for the same UHID.
  • Operational Performance Analytics (OPA)
  • Operating a Medical institution today is far more complex than just a few years ago. There is an ever increasing demand for regulatory compliance coupled with more and more complex medical procedures. All this to be managed in a specific budget, engaging the best possible doctors.
  • The Operational Performance Analytics [OPA] module of Iryx, provides inferential insights for such questions, and many more.
  • For example – Patient Loyalty – is one of very important aspect that a hospital tries to look after. Knowing the number of repeat patient admissions, gives an idea of the proportion of patients who prefer your hospital for treatment. Correlation with departments and doctors, gives further insights.
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pros logo Physical Records Offline Storage

background of warehouse

Once you identify the files to be shifted to the warehouse, give us a call. We will get the records inventoried, pack them in boxes and transport them to the document warehouse.

Prompt support. Retrievals are always on time


  • At the document warehouse, the boxes will be barcoded, and details will be entered in the Record Management System; after which the boxes will placed on pre- barcoded racks.
  • Retrieving the record is very easy. Simply write us an email with the details – you can retrieve the record the same day or next day.
  • The warehouse employs strict measures for safety against fire and pests. These safety measures undergo regular audits.
  • Apart from guarded security, the warehouse has surveillance and access control to ensure that the records are kept securely.
  • It's a good practice to first digitize the documents and then shift them to the document warehouse – so you always have a softcopy for ready reference.


  • Smart

    Our solutions are always aimed at minimum user intervention. So it truly delivers best ROI for you.

  • Scalable

    If you are hosted on our cloud environment, then your infrastructure worries end there. You can focus your energy on your core competence.

  • Secure

    Encrypted by 128 Bit SSL and hosted at a Tier IV DC. Best measures taken for stability and security.

  • Swift

    Lean architecture and intense programming enable friendly UX with faster response time.

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    "Inaugurated by India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1950 Nanavati Hospital, is a 350+ bed hospital located in Vile Parle, Mumbai"

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    "Started in 1997, Lilavati Hospital is a premier multi-specialty hospital located in Bandra, Mumbai. With 300+ and one of the largest ICU’s, Lilavati Hospital caters to about 300 Inpatients and 1500 Outpatients"

    Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre


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    "Fortis Hospitals, Mulund, Mumbai, is a 300-beds multispecialty tertiary care hospital. The hospital has been accredited 3 times by JCI (as per International Standards)"

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    "Established in 1945, the Prince Aly Khan Hospital [PAKH] is a 137-bed acute care, multi-specialty facility in Mazagaon, Mumbai. In 2001, the Hospital was awarded the ISO 9002 certificate"

    Prince Ali Khan Hospital


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    "Started in 2004, Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital is a premier 240 bed multispecialty hospital n Powai, Mumbai"

    Hiranandani Hospital


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    "BSES MG Hospital is managed by Brahma Kumaris’ Global Hospital and Research Centre. Located in Andheri, Mumbai, It is a 120 bedded hospital is equipped with 22 intensive care beds."

    BSES MG Hospital


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    "Started in 2004, Godrej Memorial Hospital, is a 100+ bed hospital located in Vikhroli, Mumbai. It has been accredited by NABH and NABL."

    Godrej Memorial Hospital


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    "Located in Thane, Jupiter Hospital is a 325 bedded multi-specialty hospital. It is accredited by NABH."

    Jupiter Hospital


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    "Jaslok Hospital and Research Hospital, is a premier multispecialty hospital in South Mumbai."

    Jaslok Hospital


  • MGM Hospital logo

    "The Mahatma Gandhi Mission (MGM) New Bombay Hospital Vashi is one of the most advanced multi-specialty tertiary care centers in the heart of Navi Mumbai in India Since 1993."

    MGM New Bombay Hospital


    adani hospital logo

    "Adani Healthcare Services, the healthcare arm of Adani Group, one of India’s corporate bellwethers, is engaged in the fields on medical education, research and clinical services."

    adani Hospital


    Masina Hospital Logo

    "Masina Hospital is 270 bedded a multi-speciality hospital set up in Byculla, Mumbai offering Primary, Secondary and Tertiary solutions in Healthcare."

    Masina Hospital


  • National Heart Institute Logo

    "National Heart Institute, brain child of doyen of Cardiology in India, Dr. S. Padmavati, was inaugurated in 1981 by the Prime Minister of India,Mrs. Indira Gandhi, as the Clinical Research and Medical Care Delivery wing of All India Heart Foundation"

    National Heart Institute


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