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The Impact of Digital Document Management on a School's Transformation

In an era where efficiency and accessibility are paramount, a 100-year-old school was finding it difficult to cope with an overwhelming amount of paperwork and record keeping. For example, finding important documents such as a specific student record was taking long and was dependent on the person knowing the location of the document. The school also struggled with sluggish approvals of documents, leaving stacks of files stuck on desks for days. Parents and students often complained about long wait times to receive certificates/records.

This prompted the school to embark on a transformative journey by embracing Centris for its digital evolution.

By systematically addressing challenges, the school optimised its operational processes and laid the foundation for a more secure and collaborative educational environment. This short case study illustrates how a strategic shift toward digital solutions can yield tangible benefits for educational institutions navigating the complexities of the modern era.



1. Document Overload:
  • Challenge: Burdened by an overwhelming volume of paperwork.
  • Significance: Hindered operational efficiency and manual handling inefficiencies.
2. Workflow Bottlenecks:
  • Challenge: Cumbersome approval processes and document workflows.
  • Significance: Delays in administrative tasks affect overall productivity.

Process Changes Triggered by Centris Implementation:

1. Digitization of Documents:
  • Change: Comprehensive digitisation process for all relevant documents such as Admission Forms, GR Books, Leave Certificates, HR Records etc. Post successful implementation the school also considered digitising their Historical Archives such as founding documents, plans, recognitions etc and Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas.
  • Impact: Streamlined storage, retrieval, and sharing, reducing physical paperwork
2. Workflow Automation:
  • Change: Introduction of workflow automation features within Centris.
  • Impact: Accelerated approval processes, minimizing bottlenecks, and enhancing administrative efficiency.
3. E Signature
  • Change: Introduction of eSignatures on documents.
  • Impact: Eliminated the need for printouts for signing of documents.

The Results:

1. Operational Efficiency:
  • Result: Significant improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Impact: Reduced time spent on manual tasks, allowing staff to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.
2. Reduced Paper Consumption:
  • Result: Drastic reduction in paper consumption.
  • Impact: Contributed to environmental sustainability goals, minimizing physical storage requirements.
3. Improved Collaboration:
  • Result: Enhanced collaboration among staff members.
  • Impact: Centris facilitated seamless document sharing and collaboration, fostering teamwork and knowledge exchange.
4. Happier Staff, Students and Parents – Elevated School Impression:
  • Result: Quick availability of relevant student information
  • Impact: Staff spending less time in retrieving the information. Students and Parents highly appreciate the efficiency and new technology adoption by the school.
Improved Efficiency Better Collaboration Elevated Impression
Happier Staff, Students, Parents

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