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ViDoc is partnered with leading Document Warehouse companies that provide record keeping services for your physical documents. So once you digitise your documents, you can free-up your valuable real estate.

A document warehouse is a facility where physical documents are stored and managed. Here are some of the facilities and benefits of a document warehouse:

    1. Secure storage: A document warehouse provides secure storage for physical documents. The facility is designed to protect documents from theft, fire, water damage, and other risks. 

    1. Climate control: A document warehouse is equipped with climate control systems that help maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels for document storage. 

    1. Organization: Documents stored in a warehouse are inventoried, organized, barcoded to make them easy to locate when needed. This helps save time and improves efficiency. 

    1. Access control: Access to a document warehouse is restricted to authorized personnel only. This helps prevent unauthorized access and theft. 

    1. Cost savings: Storing physical documents in a warehouse is often more cost-effective than storing them in office space. This frees up office space for other uses and reduces storage costs. 

    1. Improved productivity: By storing physical documents in a warehouse, employees can spend less time searching for documents and more time on productive tasks. This helps improve productivity and efficiency. 

    1. Information Retrieval – Documents can be easily retrieved on same day or next day by sending a request to the Document Warehouse.  

Overall, a document warehouse provides a secure and organized solution for managing physical documents. It helps organizations comply with legal and regulatory requirements, reduces storage costs, and improves productivity. 

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