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A Full List of Services we Provide are Below:

We Know The Importance Of Delivering The Best Customer Experience.

Accounting & Business Services

To help you create your vision, grow it, focus and manage what matters while always protecting your important assets. No surprises, just real life advice.

Financial Consultant

Helping financial institutions make better decisions about performance, growth, governance and prudential matters.

Audit and Assurance

Our advisers can help you to land on the best possible structure for your business, protect wealth, reduce risk with full compliance.

Technology Advisory Services

Including professional advice backed by world-class expertise and in line with the changing technology trends.

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OUR Locations As a Global Financial Leader.

New York Headquarters.

1270 Beverley Rd Brooklyn, New York 11226 United States.

Toronto Canada Office.

36 Toronto Street, Suite 600, Toronto, ON M5C2C5.

Melbourne Australia Office.

121 King Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia.

Larry Swank

Chief Executive Officer

Maria Ms

Chief Financial Officer

Daniel James

Vice President

Dave Jeffrey

Vice President

Matt Millen

Chief Strategy Officer

Anna Baird

Chief Information Officer

Matt Doyle

Chief Marketing Officer

Archana Ms

Chief Financial Officer

Wes Hather

Chief People Officer

Wes Hather

Chief People Officer

Case Studies Experience Success Stories

Successful businesses are built on a foundation of disciplined financial management and meticulous compliance. It sounds simple, but business owners often have to focus on the big picture and don’t have enough time in their days to manage accounting and compliance details.
"Your company has provided consistent, high quality, accounting support during the exponential growth we have experienced over the past two years"
John Doe, Group Head of Digital Communications

Powering Purchase Processes

Energizing Education

Transforming Finance

Empowering Healthcare

Are you ready?

Grow your Organization,

Get Empowered
with Digitization,

We are the right partner in your journey.

Address: B4 Parekh Mahal, VN Road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020, INDIA
Phone: +91 8080830220
Mail: info@vidoc.in

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